What are your shipping times?

Australia: 3 - 7 Days Standard Shipping via local postal services.
International: 10 - 20 Days Standard shipping via local postal services.

When is your next Farmers Market?

Please see our instagram page (click here) next date will in our Bio

Which Granola is Vegan friendly?

  • Seriously Nuts
  • Definitely Grainless
  • Powerful Puffs

Which Granola is Nut free?

  • Powerful Puffs

Which Granola is Gluten Free?

  • #2 Definitely Grainless
  • #3 Something Sweeter
  • #4 Powerful Puffs

Are all your products made locally?

Yes! Everything is made in Sorrento WA

Are your ingredients all natural?

All of the ingredients we use are 100 percent natural and whole, with no added preservatives, refined sugar, or other substances that aren’t good for your body. Every batch is lovingly handmade by us and is designed to meet your nutritional needs. We even have options to suit a variety of dietary restrictions, offering options that are gluten-free, nut-free and vegan.

Who Should Eat Granola Girls Products?

People who are:

  • health-conscious individuals who wants healthy breakfast options that are quick and easy.
  • Busy mums
  • School-age children
  • Working professionals
  • Anyone looking for a grab-and-go option.

How does your product help me?

We focus on nutritional value in every product we create and strive to give you a clean and fresh culinary experience. Add any or all of our products to your active lifestyle, and enjoy tasty foods that will nourish your body and mind.

Our products are also very convenient. Simply visit our easy-to-use website, browse through our various selections, choose what you want, and have it delivered straight to your door. Our quality options will give you the best value for your money because we have taken the time to do the research, then lovingly create homemade options your whole family will enjoy. There’s literally something for everyone, no matter what the tastes or dietary requirements.