For a very limited time, we have our Granola Girls Grain Free Paleo small batch. For those who've been waiting patiently - you asked for it, now we've got it! But only for a limited time until sold out so get in quick!
Enjoy all the awesome seriously nuttiness you know and love about our original, with a Paleo twist. It's Grain free which means Gluten Free and yes, still absolutely refined sugar free, handmade and vegan. 
Seriously Grainless is a delicious, crunchy, nutty, nutritious and awesome tasting healthy breakfast... (or lunch or dinner!) 
Enjoy a serve (half a cup) of our Seriously Grainless Granola with natural greek yoghurt, your choice of seasonal fruit (fresh berries and banana tastes great). Add natural honey or 100% maple syrup if you prefer something a bit sweeter.
Let us know what you think and if we should keep this one around for good! 
Enjoy xx

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