Very happy and proud to announce that Peaches Fresh Food Market is now stocking Seriously Nuts granola on the shelf in their fantastic store. 
Peaches is on of the largest green grocers in WA stocking organic, healthy and fresh food as well as the best locally sourced products and brands you won't find at any of the major supermarkets. Peaches knows the shift in thinking toward a healthier way of eating and understands that people are becoming more aware of what they're putting in their bodies. They've listened to their customers and have a huge rage of Gluten Free, Organics and the freshest fruit & veg - they're first at the market each morning picking the freshest and best quality fruit and veg for their customers.
Peaches are located at 1-3/195 Hampton Road, South Fremantle WA and are open from 7am 7 days a week.
We're excited to be working with such and institution of Fremantle. Please support them and show them some love on Instagram (@peachesfreshfood), Facebook (, and Twitter (@peachesfresh). 

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