Well it's been a seemingly long road to get to this point, but we've finally made it.
We're OPEN for business.
After taking delivery of our first order of all the fresh, fantastic ingredients which make up Seriously Nuts, we've been busy chopping, mixing and blending our biggest batch of Granola to date. The initial interest from family and friends has been overwhelming and we're very excited to see where this little adventure takes us.
Keep an eye on the blog as we'll be posting recipes using our Granola which you can try at home.
Thanks to everyone for the support and love so far. Looking forward to keeping you fed with delicious granola long into the future! 
Granola Girls


  • Posted by Julie on

    I’ve just tasted your first granola and it was delicious. I loved the lightness and the sugar free taste. It had a lovely selection of nuts and other yummy ingredients. Congratulations on your new venture and I wish you every success.

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